OBJECTIVE OF HEAD SPIN: Be the first player to correctly solve each puzzle and show the answer on your spinner. The first player to collect 10  puzzle cards (10 points) wins. 


MATERIALS: 2 Spinners, 2 Landing Pads, 100 Double-sided Challenge Cards (200 Challenges Total) 

TYPE OF GAME:  Logic and Speed Game 

AUDIENCE:  Ages 12 and Up 


Players flip over a card and race to show the correct answer on their spinner.  The fastest player wins the card for that round.  The first player to collect 10 cards wins the game. 


Shuffle the l00 cards and place the deck in the middle of the play area so everyone can see. It does not matter which side is placed up; there are puzzles on both sides and an answer to the reverse side puzzle at the bottom of the card (see the example below). Place the landing pads in reach of both players. 


Everyone plays at the same time. On each turn you compete against your opponent to solve the color puzzle AND show the answer on your spinner from left to right as indicated by the arrows. See the example below for a correct answer shown on the spinner. 

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1. Flip the top card over and place it in the card holder on the box tray so the reverse side answer is covered up (See the example below).  Yell “Go!” and begin the challenge.   

2. Follow the instructions on each card to guess the order of the four colors.  IMPORTANT: 1 of each of the 4 colors (blue, purple, red, and yellow) is used in every puzzle. 

3.  As quickly as you can, spin and twist your spinner to correctly align the 4 colors, left to right, with the arrows on either end as described above. NOTE: Only the row indicated by the arrows must be correct. 

4.  Place the spinner on the 1st Place landing pad before your opponent to win the card.  The player who finishes second places their spinner on the 2nd Place landing pad. 

The first player to get the right answer wins the card, which counts as 1 point. 

The play continues to the next card.  The first player to get 10 points wins the game. 


The first player to collect 10 puzzle cards (10 points) wins. 

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Nakoa Davis