OBJECTIVE OF KATTI: The objective of Katti is to correctly guess which pile your card will be discarded to win the bet.

MATERIALS: A standard 52 card deck, a flat surface and something to bet with (chips, money, cookies, points)

TYPE OF GAME: Betting Card Game 


Katti, also known as Andar Bahar in India, is a betting card game where the odds are 50/50. It’s supposed to be luck-based though it is a popular game that is played on the streets of India where the dealers have been known to shift the odds in their favor.  If you’re lacking a deck of cards and someone to play with you’re in luck because thanks to technology, this day in age you can play Andar Bahar against live dealers.


To setup one player must be the dealer. They will shuffle the deck of cards and be ready to deal out cards for the table. Players will need to have their betting equipment (chips, money, etc.) on hand.

The dealer will then deal 13 cards out on the table face up and players will then place their bets.


Once bets are placed the game begins. Players will choose a card from the thirteen and if it will fall on the inside or outside. Then players may also bet on other player’s chances of success. 

Once all bets are in and cards have been chosen the dealer will start to reveal cards from the remaining deck. If it’s a spade or clubs then the revealing cards start on the spot you betted on (either the inside or the outside), if its hearts or diamonds the reveal starts on the side you did not bet on. Then cards are revealed until the matching sequence of the card you chose is revealed. If it ends on the side, you betted on you win your bet but if not, you have lost.

For example, the thirteen cards are dealt, and I choose the queen of hearts, she is the third card of the thirteen. I bet she will fall on the inside. The dealer then deals with the first card and it is a 3 of diamonds. This means the first is discarded to the outside, the second card is discarded to the inside then the third card matched with my queen of hearts is discarded to the outside. I have lost the bet.


The game is played in rounds of betting. The game ends once you drop out of betting. For you to win a round of gambling you must have correctly guess where the card you have chosen would have been discarded too. Alternately, you lose if you are incorrect.

Nakoa Davis