OBJECTIVE OF MAMMA MIA: The objective of Mamma Mia is to be the player who has delivered the most pizzas in order to win the game. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 5 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Mamma Mia Card, 40 Different Orders, 65 Ingredient Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAMEHand Management Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Players begin the game with eight different orders that must be filled. They begin the game by having one of the orders in their hand, along with various ingredients to make the pizza with. Players must be strategic with what ingredients they play to the stack, or else they may give the win to one of their opponents. 


To begin setup, determine how many ingredient cards will need to be removed from the game. If there are two players, five of each ingredient are removed; if there are three players, then three of each ingredient are removed; if there are four players, one of each ingredient is removed. All of these cards are placed back in the box. The remaining cards are then shuffled, and six cards are dealt to each player.  

The rest of the ingredient cards and the mamma mia card are shuffled together and placed in the middle of the playing area, face down. Players will collect eight orders, ensuring that they collect ones with matching backs. They are shuffled and placed face down in front of the player, creating their waiter. Each player will draw one of the order cards to their hand.  

The oven is placed beside the ingredient supply, and it will act as the discard pile. The ingredients are placed to the oven. The first player is chosen by the group, and the game is ready to begin. Gameplay will continue around the group in a clockwise order.  


During a player’s turn, they have to place a minimum of one ingredient from their hand into the oven by placing it face up on the discard pile. Players are able to place more than one card, but they must be of the same ingredient. The player will then announce the number of cards and the type of ingredient that they placed in the oven.  

After they have placed ingredients, the player may place an order card from their hand face up in the oven. They should only do this when they think there are enough ingredients to finish their pizza, but they are not allowed to check. The player can then draw cards to replenish their hand. The player on their left will then begin their turn.  

The round comes to an end when all the cards in the supply have been drawn. The player who holds the Mamma Mia card will take the pizzas from the oven. They are placed face down, ensuring that the order is not changed. They will then reveal the cards one at a time from the oven. When an order card is revealed, the players will check for the ingredients.  

If all ingredients are there, the pizza is baked and added to their delivery stack. If the ingredients are not all there, then the player whose order it is will then supplement the ingredients with ones from his hand allowing the pizza to be baked. All unused ingredients in the oven are placed in the new oven, and the used ingredients are shuffled to make a new supply. A new round then begins. 


The game comes to an end when the oven is empty, and all of the pizzas have been delivered for the third time. The player who delivers the most pizzas wins the game!   

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