OBJECTIVE OF MATH HOPSCOTCH: The objective of Math Hopscotch is to be the player who lasts the longest without making a mistake. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Chalk, a Rock, and a Scoresheet 

TYPE OF GAME: Mathematical Outside Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 5 and Up 


Math Hopscotch is a wonderful game for active players that like to spend time outdoors. This game can be played on any concrete or pavement surface, to ensure that the chalk writes well. Along with being physically active, the players will also have to use their mind to solve a variety of math problems as they progress through the game. One small misstep can end your turn, so pay close attention to where you place your feet! 


To setup the game, simply draw a calculator on the ground. A simple calculator, like the one in the photo below tends to work best, as it leads to less mistakes and shorter jump distances. Once the calculator is drawn, the game is ready to begin! 


To begin the game, the players will choose the first player. This player will toss the stone to a number on the calculator that is drawn on the ground. The player must then jump to different placed to create a mathematical equation that equals one, then two, then three, and so on until they reach nine. 

 For example, the player may throw a stone to the number 3. They may then jump to the minus symbol, then to the two, then to the equal sign. When the player jumps on an odd number or a zero, they must land on one foot. If they are jumping to even numbers or symbols, they must jump with two feet.  

If a player makes a mistake, either jumping on the wrong number, stepping on a line, or not using their feet correctly, then the player’s turn comes to an end. The player must restart their nine equations when they take their turn again. 


The game will come to an end whenever a player completes all nine equations. This player is determined to be the winner.   

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