OBJECT OF POTION EXPLOSION: The object of Potion Explosion is to have the most points at the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS: A marble dispenser, 80 colored ingredient marbles, 4 boards, 1st player marker, 21 help tokens, 8 different types of potions with 8 potions a piece, and 15 skill tokens.

TYPE OF GAME: Puzzle Board Game



Potion Explosion is a puzzle board game for 2 to 4 players. In Potion explosion players attempt to collect ingredients by matching them by color in the dispenser. These ingredients are then used to craft potions which increase your point totals while giving you advantages to use in the game. If you craft enough of the same or different potions you gain skill cards as well. 


Each player receives a board to use during the game. The first player can be chosen randomly or can be the last payer to prepare a drink. They receive the 1st player marker and the game proceeds from them clockwise. 6 of the potions should be chosen to play with. From these 6 types of potions, the starter potions will be selected. They are marked by the star on them and 2 per player will need to be selected. The remaining potions are shuffled and set to the side for later.

The first player and clockwise will select a single potion to be their starting potion. Once the last player has chosen their first potion, starting with the last player to choose and going anticlockwise the second potion will be selected. Once potions are selected, they are placed recipe side up in their spots on each player’s board. 

The remaining potions are then split into 5 stacks, recipe side up. 

Then the dispenser is prepared, all the marbles will be poured into it. Make sure that all 5 columns get filled. The help and skill markers are placed near the dispenser for all players to reach. The number of skill markers will depend on the number of players. For 2 players 4 skill markers are used, 5 markers for 3 players, and 6 markers for 4 players. 


Starting with the player holding the 1st player token and continuing clockwise players will take their turns. On a player’s turn, they will take one marble from the dispenser and will collect it and any other ingredients that explode. You may also use any previously made potions or use a help token to take ingredients, but these never cause explosions. 

When picking an ingredient for the turn you may select any one of the first 8 marbles on one of the 5 columns. This may cause an explosion. An explosion occurs when removing a marble causes two previously separated marbles of the same color to touch. These marbles, along with any other marbles of the same color touching them within the column when the explosion occurs, are collected. An explosion can lead to another explosion. Explosions only happen within columns and never rows. 

You may ask for help on your turn. This gives you a help toke worth -2 points and allows you to take a single marble from the dispenser without causing explosions. You may do this before or after your mandatory ingredient pick. 

After all your ingredients have been collected you may use them to fill any matching slots on either of your potions. Once you place a marble into a potion it cannot be removed so choose the order of your actions wisely. If you do not use or cannot use all your ingredients for your potion you can save up to 3 marbles in your beaker for your later turns. Any marbles not saved or used are returned to the dispenser at the end of your turn. 

After you have completed a potion by filling all the needed ingredients you flip it to its completed side and place it below your board. A completed potion is worth points at the end of the game and may be drunk (aka turned upside down) to use its special ability. 

When refilling the dispenser, you want to be as random as possible. If marbles are overfilled on one track and another is empty you also need to move the extra marbled to fill the empty columns. 

Ending Your Turn

Once you have completed your turn there are steps to take before passing to the next player. First, make sure all unused marbles are returned to the dispenser. Then if you have completed any potions and have an empty spot, you will need to choose a new potion from one of the 5 available. Once one is picked another one immediately becomes available, so order does matter when choosing. Check to see if you receive a skill marker or not and if you have if the end of the game has been triggered. If not, then the net player may start their turn. 

Skill Marker

Skill markers are used to monitor the game’s progress and also awards players extra points. A skill marker can be achieved by making 3 or more of the same type of potion or 5 different types of potions. You can receive multiple skill markers. Once the last skill marker is received then the remaining players complete the round so all players have the same number of turns. During this time players may still receive skill markers if they complete the needed objectives to receive one. A skill marker is worth 4 points. 


The game ends one of two ways either the last skill marker is taken, or the potions run out. Either way, the remaining players finish the round so all players receive the same number of turns. Once the last turn is taken and completed players tally all their points, making sure to subtract for any help markers, and add for any skill markers they achieved. The player with the most points wins. 

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