OBJECTIVE OF ROCK THE BASKET: The objective of Rock the Basket is to get to know the people you are playing with on a deeper level. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Internet, Video Platform, and Account 

TYPE OF GAME: Virtual Teambuilding Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 18 and Up 


Rock the Basket is a fun, team-building exercise for everyone involved. It takes the classical game of musical chairs and mixes it with icebreaker games. Each player will take turns making a general statement about themselves. If anyone relates, then they stand up and find a new seat. The last player to find a seat will quickly discover that they no longer have a seat, and they become the new host.  


To set up for the game, have each player log in to the browser that you are using, and the video platform being used for this activity. In the game room, the players will organize the chairs so that there are one fewer chairs than there are current players.  

The players will sit down, orienting their online personas. The host of the game will take the role of host for the first round of gameplay. The game is then ready to begin.  


During gameplay, the host will make a statement referring to something in their life. Depending on the mood and the level of appropriateness, they may talk about prior trauma or something as simple as their favorite food. Typically, the subjects get deeper as the game progresses.  

When a player relates to this statement they stand, and they will then try and find a new seat before they are all taken. The last player standing becomes the new host, and they make their relatable statement. If nobody relates to the statement, then they will make a new statement.  

The game continues in this manner until every player has had the chance to be the host. Some players will play the role of host numerous times, but once everyone has done it, the game can end.  


The game comes to an end once everyone has had the chance to be the host. The players will then discuss anything they learned over the course of the game. Everyone is a winner in this awesome, virtual, team-building game!  

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