Scandinavian Casino

OBJECTIVE OF SCANDINAVIAN CASINO: Capture the cards from the layout.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 players 

NUMBER OF CARDS: 52 card deck 

TYPE OF GAME: Fishing/Casino


Scandinavian Casino or Nordic Kasino is a variation of CasinoIt is played similarly to Royal Casino because face cards have numerical values, however, there is no building. Casino is a fishing game- the table is the ocean and cards are fish. The goal is to capture ‘fish’ with matching cards.


Each card has a numerical capture value.

2-10: Face Value

Jack: 11

Queen: 12

King: 13

Ace: 1 or 14


Players may choose dealer by whatever method they choose. Most commonly, players cut the deck and draw cards from the center. Whoever draws the highest ranking card acts as dealer.

The dealer passes out cards in pairs. Players receive two cards face-down, two cards face-up, two cards face-down, and two cards face-up. This totals to 4 face-up cards and 4 face-down cards. The remaining cards are set aside in a deck.

After everyone has played four cards, the dealer deals to each player four more cards, in pairs. This continues until the deck is exhausted. After the last of the cards are played, hands are scored, and the deal passes to the left.


Gameplay begins with the player to the dealers left and moves clockwise. During your turn, you may play only one card.

Your card either can:

  • Capture a card or cards from the table. Place the played card and the captured card together in front of you in a capture pile. Cards that are captured are stored face down, expect in the case of tabbe. 
  • If it is unable to capture a card, it becomes a single card on the table, which may be captured by you or other players later in the game.

Capturing Cards

Cards can capture:

  • a single card of that capture value
  • a set of cards that total the capture value
  • OR a combination between the two

It is not necessary to capture ALL the cards you possibly can.


If a player is able to capture all the cards on the table this is called a tabbe (referred to as Sweeps in other variations). Tabbe is worth an extra point.

It is important to keep track of the number of tabbes each player is able to make. If a player is able to tabbe, they must keep the capture card face-up in the capture pile, and angled so that it may be seen, with the captured cards on top of it. No new cards are ever dealt to the table.


the game continues until the last cards are dealt and played. When dealing out the last cards, the dealer must warn the players by declaring “sistan” (last) or “båt” (boat). After the last cards have been played, the cards that remain on the table are added to the capture pile of the last player to make a capture. This player receives 1 point for sistan. 

In the event the dealer’s last card is able to capture all the cards on the table, they score two extra points: 1 for sistan and the other for tabbe.


After gameplay ends, players total their points based on their capture cards as follows:

Most Spades: 2 points

Most Cards: 1 point

Ace: 1 point each

10 of Diamonds (storan, the big one): 2 points

2 of Spades (lillan, the small one): 1 point

Sistan (last capture): 1 point

Tabbe: 1 point each

The winner is typically the first player to reach 16 points (or whatever the target score may be).




Nakoa Davis

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