OBJECTIVE OF SNIPPETS: Players compete against each other to win 3 cards by forming the most uncommon words using the snippets shown on the cards displayed during each round. Common words get struck out. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 8 Players 

COMPONENTS: 4 pencils, 4 notebooks, 3 decks of cards (easy, medium and hard), a timer and a rulebook. 

TYPE OF GAME: Fast-Paced Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


Snippet is a competitive and fast paced game where players race against the timer to write down the most words that come to mind, with the hope that the other players don’t write down the same words. The catch though is that the words must utilize the snippets provided per time on the card in play.   


Decide to use all or one of the deck of cards and shuffle it/them. Place the cards face down on the play area within reach of all. 

Each player gets a pencil and writing pad. 

The timer is placed within reach of all the players on the playing area. 


The first player flips the top card of the chosen deck and places it within sight of all the players. 

The timer is flipped as well and everyone starts to write as many words as come to mind that contains the shown snippet. For the purpose of this game, a snippet is a short sequence of letters that can be found as a whole within one or more words.  

To avoid unnecessary arguments and maximize fun, any word goes as far as it exists. The snippets must appear in the word in the order that they are shown on the card. If a word simply contains the letters written as the snippet but not in the right order or as a whole; that word doesn’t count. For example if the snippet is ‘ank’, words like thanks, bank and prank are valid words but words like knead, Afrikaans will be invalid even though they contains the letters a, n, and k. 

When the timer runs out, all words are compared. If the exact same word appears in the list by any player, that word is struck out. Once the spelling is the same, the words get struck out irrespective of meaning or pronunciation. An example is Quail as in bird and Quail as in to cringe. Another example would be Bear in reference to pain and Bear as in a wild animal. 

Invalid words are also crossed out. Invalid here is decided by the group of players. 

Points are then awarded based on the words left uncrossed. 


At the end of each round, players earn a point each for their remaining uncrossed words. 

Creativity bonus – the player with the least crossed out words earns an extra 3 points. In the case of a tie, all tied players earn the bonus. 

Where a player has no crossed out word, they earn a bonus of 5 points instead. 

Brainiac bonus – A player may also earn 3 extra points if they have the longest remaining word. If the word contains 13 letters or more, they earn five points instead. Tied players all earn the bonus points. 

Special bonus – Also certain cards amongst the deck of cards may describe a special bonus if certain conditions are met. The player with the most remaining words that fit the special bonus wins an extra 5 points for that round. As usual all tied player for the bonus earn it. 

After all the calculations are in, the player with the most points wins the round and takes the card. Where a tie occurs, one of the tied players takes the card for that round while the other tied players take a card each from the bottom of the deck of cards to represent their win. 


The game ends once a player is able to earn three snippet cards. For a longer game play, the target can be increased to 5 cards. 

Note –  Snippet also comes with a small expansion known as Snippet Junior so kids as young as 7 years can also enjoy the game. 

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