OBJECTIVE OF SPIES AND ASSASSINS: The objective of the game depends on the player’s role. If the player is a spy, then they will try to collect all of their team members and bring them to the spymaster. If they are the assassin, then they will try to kill all of the spies.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 30 Players 

MATERIALS: Internet, Video Platform, and Account 

TYPE OF GAME: Virtual Guessing Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


In Spies and Assassins, the players will act as spies that are at the International Spy Convention. Their only goal is to find the other spies in their crew, but they only have one way of knowing who is who. They must use their assigned codeword to find their teammates. The only thing that stands in their way is the Assassins, with the goal of killing every spy that they can without being caught. Which team will win? 


To begin the game the host will assign a quarter of the players to be the Assassins and the other three quarters to be the spies. Each Spy team will have its own codeword assigned to them. All players should make sure that they have their camera on. The game is then ready to begin. 


Each player will know their role before the game begins. Each player will also know their codeword, unless they are an assassin. Players should then interact with one another to attempt to find their crew, which is the players with the same codeword as them.  

If an assassin gets close enough to another player, they may murder them by saying “You’re dead.” If any other player hears the murder, then they may report it, guessing who the assassin is. If no other player heard it, then the victim has to turn their camera off, and they are not permitted to tell who the assassin is.  

The game continues in this manner until the assassin has been caught or all of the spies have been killed.  


The game comes to an end in two different ways. If the spies get their crew together and take them to the spy master, then they win the game. If the assassins kill everyone before a crew can be collected, then they win the game.  

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