OBJECTIVE OF STOMP IT!: The objective of Stomp It! Is to be the player with the most points when the game comes to an end. 


MATERIALS: Painter’s Tape, Markers, Scissors, and Paper 

TYPE OF GAME: Math Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6 and Up 


Stomp It is a fast-paced math game that allows the players to practice their place value skills. During the game, the players will attempt to sort through a pile of random numbers, assigning the correct place value to the correct number. Since the cards are cut into the shape of feet, the players will “Stomp” on the correct answer each time! One misstep can ruin the whole game, so watch your step closely! 


To setup the game, the parent should create boxes with the painter’s tape on whatever surface they choose. They should create six boxes side by side for older children, or three boxes side by side for young children. Once the boxes are created, they can be labeled with the correct numerical place at the top, using the marker. In order from right to left, the boxes should be labeled the following: ones place, tens place, hundreds place, thousands place, ten thousand place, and hundred thousand place. 

Next, the parent will take the pieces of paper, cut them out in the shape of feet, and place the numbers zero through nine on them. It is recommended to write out multiple pieces for each number so that they may be used numerous times in one round. Each player will receive a pile of feet, with each pile consisting of numerous copies of the numbers zero through nine.  


The game is played over the course of ten rounds. During a round, a random number will be used. The players must then rush to find the numbers in their pile and place the correct numbers into the correct spaces, assigning them the correct place value.  

The first player to assign each place of the number correctly, wins the round. Once a round is complete, the players will shuffle their number piles, and the next one will begin. The players win by being the first player to “stomp” on the correct place by using their feet cards!  


 The game comes to an end after ten rounds have been played. The player with the most points, wins the game!  

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