The Upcoming Best Gaming NFTs to Buy in 2022

Blockchain Technology has very much revived the days of gaming, by providing new avenues of exploration for those involved within the community. Due to how elite NFTs have become within the world of tech, especially in terms of earning potential, incorporating that within the games is rewarding within itself. Many gamers are investing in the tokens that their gaming communities provide, to utilise them as assets for the future. The worth of these tokens will always depend on the games themselves, and of course various factors such as rarity, utility and so on.

Currently, it isn’t just in the world of gaming that NFT’s are pushing favour towards, iGaming gambling sites are pushing their marketing agendas towards NFT’s and cryptocurrency, to ensure they are not left behind on the hype and return potentials possible. New Casino Sites in 2022 are great examples to source all the frontier Blockchain technology that is developing as we speak. Cryptocurrency specialised NFTs for major casino sites are popping up as a way of keeping the gambling community more involved in the gambling experience, than ever before. However of course, the gaming industry tells a different story altogether. 

The upcoming NFT’s of the gaming industry 

NFT’s have proven to show lucrative returns for gamers, however for those that have low capital to make an actual entry, finding the right NFT’s that are affordable, can be tricky. We are here and have compiled various selections of NFT’s to buy, to firstly have an ‘in’ but most importantly, suit the budget that you are willing to invest with. 


Silks is probably on the top spot of most NFT enthusiasts today. The unique gaming potential from this, merges gaming and the Metaverse effortlessly, by optimising on the virtual breeding for horse racing. Yes, while this is very much a new pushing niche, it may surprise you how NFT creators are given the various options of different thoroughbreds that you can integrate into virtual horse racing. Not only will you be able to take care of your NFT horses, but you can also reap the reward that comes with sales of your thoroughbreds and their successes with virtual races. With Silks, you could find yourself a contender for a virtual horse racing cup such as the Royal Ascot, amongst many other prestigious tournaments. NFTs on the Metaverse space have made the world truly your oyster.

Guild of Guardians 

Next NFT to consider, is the Guild of Guardians-with particular focus on the next NFT project in the Mystic Realm of Magic. Being already a much-anticipated game for 2022, there are over 200,000 players waiting for the opportunity to accumulate the various resources available to players. All the heroes within the game will have their own unique items, pets and tokens that can bring competing prices within the in-game market. What makes the NFT potential from this so attractive, is the fact that players do have free entry to all various prices of NFTs on the market. Meaning, whatever your initial capital is, you will be sure to find something that suits you and the level of strategy you are integrating within your gaming. Currently, the NFTs for the Founder Heroes have just all been transacted, and players are awaiting the next drop of game tokens. 


Polygonum is another free to play platform that gives players opportunities to purchase NFT’S that have been drafted within the game. With multiple game modes, there are many ways that players can prioritise their NFT purchases and add to their gaming experience. There is not just one flow set for the game, but many, which is certainly great for each gamer’s individual peace. Not only can you purchase your in-game tokens from the unique marketplace, but trading is also very much an option too. The Polygonum ecosystem has multiple features that allow you to earn passive income, so make sure you explore what there is to offer.

Nakoa Davis