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OBJECTIVE OF UNO ATTACK:  The first player to earn 500 points or more wins the game 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 10 players 

CONTENTS: 112 cards, Card Launcher 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Shedding Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 7+ 


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The UNO Attack rules are an iteration of the classic hand shedding card game from Mattel.  Anyone who has played UNO before will feel right at home with this game because there is only one major difference – the draw pile.  Rather than draw cards from a simple stack of cards, players have to press the button on the card launcher.  The launcher decides how many cards the player will take.  Sometimes the launcher will show mercy and shoot out zero cards.  Other times, it will give the player a large number of cards.   

As with classic UNO, the first player to empty their hand of cards wins the round. 


uno attack contents

UNO Attack comes with 112 playing cards and one card launcher.  The deck consists of 4 color suits: blue, green, red, and yellow.  Each suit has 18 cards numbered 1 – 9 (two sets of 1 – 9).  Each color has one Reverse card, two Hit 2 cards, two Skip cards, and two Discard All cards.  The deck also has four Wild cards, 4 Wild Attack Attack cards, 3 Wild Customizable cards, and 1 Wild Hit 4 cards. 

uno attack cards

The card launcher requires three C batteries in order to operate.   


To play Uno attack you must determine the first dealer.  They shuffle the UNO Attack deck and deal seven cards to each player.  Place one card face up to begin the discard pile.  Open the launcher door and insert the remaining cards of the deck face down into the unit.  Close the launcher door completely.  Place the card launcher in the center of the playing space. 

uno attack gameplay


The player left of the dealer gets to go first.  They may play a card that matches the same color, number, or symbol of the card on top of the discard pile.  For example, if the top card is a red 9, that player may play a red card, a 9, or a Wild card.  If they cannot match the card, they must activate the card launcher. 


Whenever a player must draw a card, they push the button on the launcher.  Sometimes, the launcher will shoot out zero cards, a couple of cards, or a large number of cards.  The player must take whatever the launcher gives them and end their turn. 


Play passes left each turn.  Each player must either play a card or activate the launcher.  Play continues until one player has played their second to last card.  At that point, they must yell out “UNO” to let the table know they are down to one card.  If a player fails to say UNO, and another player says it first, the person who was caught must activate the launcher two times.  

Once a player empties their hand by playing their final card to the discard pile, the round ends.  That player wins the round.  If a player ends the round with an action card that causes the next player to activate the launcher, the action still occurs.  


Some of the classic UNO action cards are still present.  Alongside them are some new cards as well. 

Reverse card acts to change the direction of play, Skip card forces the next player to miss their turn, and Wild allows the player to change the color that must be played. When a player plays a skip or reverse card they may immediately play an additional card.

Discard All allows the player to play all of the cards of one color to the discard pile.  The Discard All card is then placed on top.  A Discard All card may be played on top of another card.   

Hit card 2 replaces the Draw Two card in classic UNO.  When played, the next person playing must hit the launcher button two times.  Play passes left.  If the game begins with a Hit 2 card, the player left of the dealer must activate the launcher twice.  Play then passes left.    

Wild Hit 4 whoever plays the Wild Hit 4 chooses the color that must be played next.  The next player then activates the launcher 4 times.  Play then passes left. 

Wild Attack-Attack allows the player to change the color that must be played next.  Then, they aim the launcher at any player they choose.  That player must press the launcher button twice.  Play then passes left.  

Wild Hit Fire Card allows the player to call a color. Then the next player begins to hit the launcher button until cards shoot out. Then play passes to the next player.

Wild All Hit allows the player to call a color, then all players must press the launcher button and taken any cards that shot out.

Trade Hands Card allows the player to trade hands with a opposing player.

Wild Customizable cards can be created using a #2 pencil.  Players may create any action they choose.   


When a player empties their hand, they earn points for the cards remaining in their opponents’ hands.  All number cards are worth the number on the card.  Reverse, Skip, and Hit 2 cards are worth 20 points each.  Wild Hit 4’s are worth 40 points each.  Discard All cards are worth 30 points each.  Wild, Wild Attack-Attack, and Wild Customizable cards are worth 50 points each. 


Continue playing rounds until one player reaches 500 points or more.  That player is the winner. 

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