OBJECTIVE OF UNO POCKET PIZZA PIZZA: The first player to play score 250 points or more wins 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 5 Players 

CONTENTS: 52 Cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Shedding Card Games  

AUDIENCE: Ages 7+ 


UNO Pocket Pizza Pizza is a special edition of the classic game sold exclusively at Pizza Pizza restaurants.  UNO Pocket only includes 52 cards.  The condensed deck and special Wild cards make this edition feel fresh.     


 The 52 card deck is composed of four colored suits: red, blue, green, and yellow.  Each suit has nine cards numbered 1 – 9.  Each suit also has one Draw One, one Skip, and one Reverse card.  The deck also includes three Wild cards.   

Shuffle the cards and deal five to each player.   Put the rest of the deck face down in the center and turn the top card over to begin the discard pile.  If the turned over card is an action card, the action goes into affect.  For example, if it is a Skip, the player that would go first is skipped.  If it is a Draw 1, the player that goes first must draw one card, and they lose their turn. 


The player on the dealer’s left goes first.  They can play one card from their hand or draw a card.  The card played must match the color, number, or symbol of the top face up card.   

If the player cannot match the card, they must draw one card.  Players do not have to play a card on their turn.  They may choose to draw.  When a drawn card is playable, the player may put it on the discard pile if they choose.  If the card cannot be played, or the player chooses not to play it,  it is added to their hand and play passes left. 


When a Skip is played, the next player loses their turn.  A Reverse changes the order of play from left to right (or back to left).  The Draw One card requires the next player to draw one card from the draw pile.  That player loses their turn. 


There are three Wild cards in UNO Pizza Pizza.  The Wild can be played on any card.  That player chooses what color must be played next.  The Wild Dip Into The Deck card allows that player to choose the next color that must be played.  They also draw one card from the draw pile and pass one card to the next player.  The Wild Draw 2 card allows the player to choose the color that must be played next.  The next player must draw two cards from the draw pile, and they lose their turn. 


If the Wild Draw 2 is played, the player who would draw two cards can challenge it.  The challenged player must show the challenger their cards.  If the challenged player could have played any other card, they must draw two cards instead.  However, if the challenger was was, and the challenged player had no other card to play, the challenger must draw four cards as a penalty.   


When a player sheds their second to last card, they must let the table know by saying UNO.  If they do not, and they are caught before the next player takes their turn, they must draw two cards as a penalty. 


The first player to shed their last card wins the round.  If the final card played is a Draw 1 or the Wild Draw 2, the next player must draw. 

If the draw pile empties before then, shuffle the discard pile and turn it over to begin the draw pile.  Keep the top card from the discard pile available to continue play. 


The player who gets rid of all their cards earns points for the round.  They earn points for the cards still held by their opponents.   

Numbered cards earn points equal to their number.  Skips, Draw One cards, and Reverses are 20 points each.  The Wild cards are 50 points each.   


Continue playing until one player reaches 250 points.  That person wins! 

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