Slots rules – An introduction to the gameplay for beginners

At first glance, slot machines usually give an overwhelming impression: numerous buttons, many reels, colourful symbols, flashing lights and the strange-sounding technical terms do not make it easy, especially for newcomers, to get started with the game. 

However, playing on slot machines is extremely easy despite all these peculiarities. This is because all machines have the same structure. To make it easier to get started in the slot world, we have designed a guide below that highlights the most important game rules and features of slot machines.

Slot machines: The function

Most slot machines are classically equipped with three reels. In order to win, 3 identical symbols must match in the middle row. Online slot machines, on the other hand, often have up to five reels. The chances of winning in such video slots are also not only limited to the middle row, but also the respective lower and upper row can be used. Furthermore, winning lines do not necessarily have to run horizontally, but also a formation diagonally, in a zigzag or in a kind of Tetris shape is possible.

Although not every slot is equipped with the same buttons, as covered in this article, and is not operated in the same way, they insignificantly differ from each other. Below we have compiled a list of the conventional operations and buttons of most slot machines:

  • Coin Value: The value of the coins bet can be set here.
  • Betting Line: Here you can select how many lines to bet on.
  • Coins: Sets the value of the coins to be bet per spin.
  • Maximum Bet / Max Bet: The maximum possible bet per spin can be manually changed here.
  • Payout Table: Overview of bonus features, the possible winning combinations of the different symbols and explanations of special symbols.
  • Auto Spin: Makes the reels spin automatically without the player having to press a button. The number of rounds can be freely selected.

The gameplay and symbols


An active bet is required for each line that is bet on. If one line is played, a bet must be placed on each spin. If 5 lines are played, an active bet must also be selected five times. So, the higher the number of paylines you bet on, the higher the bet amount per spin will be. Each payline is an independent betting option, where you can freely decide on how many betting lines to bet on and how high the bet per line is.

Paylines can consist of vertical, horizontal, diagonal or even zigzag and tetris combinations, depending on the slot. The more paylines are chosen, the more opportunities the player has to make a line and thus win.

Wild symbols

The wild symbol is one of the most important symbols in the game, as they are comparable to a wild card in the card game. Wild symbols can appear at any time and they automatically replace all other symbols in the slot, except for the scatter and bonus symbols. They always provide wins when a payline combination is completed. Also, the slot can display more than one wild symbol and the more symbols that appear, the higher the win.

Special Sticky Wild symbols can also appear. They are added to a payline win and remain displayed as long as the player has free spins. Another form is the so-called Expanding Wild symbols. They expand to cover the entire reel and substitute for all other symbols there.

Scatter symbol

A scatter symbol can trigger bonus games, activate free spins or even multiply the total bet. Depending on the slot machine, the number of scatter symbols needed to trigger a round of free spins or bonus rounds varies. These symbols can appear not only on a payline, but in any position on the reels.


In the paytable, the player can read what the current usual payout is for a winning combination. Many slots also have a symbol called a multiplier, which is also displayed on the slot. If a multiplier appears in a winning combination, the previous win is multiplied by 3x, 4x or by another factor indicated in the paytable.

Free spins / Bonus rounds

In a free spins round, the player can spin the reels without having to place an additional bet. The winnings achieved can even be increased by a multiplier. A free spins round is usually triggered by a certain sequence of symbols. In most cases, these are at least three scatter symbols on the reels. Certain bonus games can also be triggered by scatter symbols. Here, the player can often win extra money.

Progressive Jackpot

Many video slots also offer a progressive jackpot. This pot increases with the number of players as well as with the individual stakes. Progressive jackpots can occur randomly at any time and be won on a spin, or they can require a specific combination of symbols. Once the progressive jackpot is won, the winning amount is reset and continues to increase until it is paid out again.

Where to play slots

Today, slots can be enjoyed almost everywhere. You can of course play a one-armed bandit at a classic brick and mortar casino, but just like most things the action has moved online. 

From the retro fruit machines to the newer slot machines like Megaways and Slingo.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed at the slots supply if you choose to sign up at a new casino site.

Where to play slots in 2024?

2024 is a great year for slots! With the latest technology and gaming advancements, there are plenty of incredible new casino sites to play slots. You can play any game you want, from old slots to 3D slots.

If you are interested in trying out new slot games, you will find the best ones on our dedicated pages for new online casinos. Take a look:

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