Top 5 Solitaire Games that you can play online

Kids, youngsters and even adults enjoy Solitaire. This classic card game managed to conquer the hearts of its players. Able to be played both offline and online, Solitaire is versatile, having different game variations accessible for the smartphone, tablet, PC. For those who want to try it offline, a deck/more decks of cards shall be purchased from any store, to play it. However, some popular games of Solitaire catch everyone’s attention. If this title has managed to get your attention and you are a Solitaire fan, then analyze and pick carefully one of the games suggested below.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is as popular as Klondike. However, it is more different from the classic game. Why? Spider, which is also a free online card game, offers its players 3 different levels of difficulty represented by the card suits. The first level is played only with the spades and it’s the easiest one; followed by the 2 Suits level (spades and hearts) which is more difficult. In the end, the last level of Spider is the hardest one, because any player needs to play it with all the four suits: hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. The purpose of the game is to complete descending sequences, which start with the King and end with the Ace. The sequences can be moved to the tableau if the player has managed to clear a column. All in all, the empty columns can also be used as a storage space for the cards that you want to move, to create the desired sequences as quickly as possible. If you run out of cards, you can click on the decks up to 5 times. If you want to try it out, note that this page is the best place where you can play spider solitaire:

FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire became popular back in ‘95 when Paul Alfille invented it for educational purposes. As Spider Solitaire, Freecell has different levels of difficulty, and some of them are most likely unbeatable. In this game, the goal of each player is to make ascending combinations, starting from the low card ranks to the higher ones, and to place the sequences in the 4 foundation piles. The combos that are made in this game need to alternate in red and black cards – for example, you can place a red 6 on a black 7, and so on. If the player can not move any other card in the game, he can store them in the free cells that are placed in the upper part of the screen (left side). When the piles are completed, the game is over and the player wins.  If you want a little adrenaline you can play Casino games with real money, find on this page the best Japanese casinos.

The Classic Solitaire/Klondike

It is one of the most played version of Solitaire from all the times. With simple rules, the player’s goal is to form and complete sequences of cards in the 4 foundations piles. Like every classic game, each sequence is represented by a certain symbol of the playing card: diamond, heart, spade, and club. This version is also known as Klondike. The lowest card of the game is the Ace, while the higher one is the King. A complete sequence will start with the Ace and will end with the K. The cards will be moved in descending order to complete a pile. For example, you can move a card of a lower rank beyond one of higher rank, like 6 above 7. The color of the suit is not important in this version of Solitaire, as long as black and red combos are made alternatively. For example, you can not move a 9 of spade over 10 of the club because they have the same color; but you are allowed to place a 9 of spade over 10 of hearts.

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is another variation of the classic game of Solitaire. It is easier than other games, but it will imply strategies and attention. The main purpose is to click on the cards that sum up 13. For example, you can click on 4 and 9, on 10 and 3, and so on. The player should note that in this game, the Jack is worth 11 points; the Queen, 12, and the King 13. When there are no remaining cards, press on the deck to uncover other cards until you find the right ones for you. Even when the end of the deck is reached, you can click on it again to find the cards that help you obtain the number 13.

TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks is quite easy to be understood by the new or experienced Solitaire players. It is different than other card games. In TriPeaks, there is no need to take into consideration the suit of the cards or the colors as it is in Spider or Klondike. You are given a card that stands next to the deck. Your mission is to click on the cards that are one point lower or higher than the exposed card. If there is no card left that matches this rule, you will have to press on the card deck to reveal another one, until you clear all the piles.

These card games are marvelous for the ones that want to spend their free time safe and sound. Regardless of the Solitaire game that you choose, be sure to be patient and give all your attention. Why? Because every move that you make will count and it will help you to master and beat any game of Solitaire.

Nakoa Davis