Top Call of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer Tips for Better Gameplay Today

It’s ok if you’ve never been in a Cold War match before or you’ve been facing annoying defeats repeatedly. This article is designed with you in mind. This first-person shooter is no joke and is designed to give you that adrenaline surge and a thrilling experience. 

Cold War has a campaign mode as well as the popular Multiplayer mode. While the campaign mode is quite satisfying, the multiplayer game goes one notch tougher. As such, it will benefit you to grab some tips for your next match. In addition to these tips, COD: Black Ops Cold War Radar Hacks will do you good too.

5 tips for better gameplay at Call of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer

  1. Show yourself around

If you’re facing a real-time gunfight in an unfamiliar environment, an opponent with fewer skills can ambush you simply because they knew the route you didn’t know. The same applies to Cold War maps. They all have blind spots, camping locations, vantage points, and common escape routes.

Knowing these all-important locations will help you increase your KD ratio. Also, this knowledge will help you choose your drop locations wisely. Also, you can anticipate what corners or routes an enemy will likely emerge from and take necessary precautions. More so, you can easily flank and ambush unsuspecting foes.

  1. Never let your guards down.

Always keeping your eyes on your six is an important tip to stay alive in the game. This is because there are opponents who wouldn’t hesitate to flank and ambush you. Luckily Cold War has several perks that allow players to maintain a view of what’s around them.

Some of these perks are Proximity mines, Spy Planes, and Field mics. The proximity mine, for example, is a deployable weapon that works even in your absence. The mine explodes when an enemy walks or drives over it. You just have to plant this item around an objective you’re trying to protect.

  1. Relocate often

No single position is an ideal safe location on the map. This is because many players – allies and foes alike – are always on the run, either away from danger or looking for prey. You don’t need anyone to tell you what will happen if an enemy runs into you unaware.

Another thing that makes it more dangerous to stay static is that enemies can ping their teammates about your location. You never can predict what would happen if they come to find you there. Always being on the move will also make you a hard target for an enemy with a sniper rifle.

  1. Stay in touch with your teammates.

More often than not are scenarios where a player in Cold War Multiplayer wanders off all alone. While this is just the norm in the Campaign mode, doing this in this multiplayer will jeopardize your winning chances. 

Opponents in the multiplayer will fight against you mostly as a team. Chances are, they’ll easily outnumber you and take you out like a piece of cake. Also, the combined fire from you and your teammates increases the rate at which enemies drop dead. 

  1. Running gives your presence off.

Sound is an all-important element of Cold War. Asides from the excitement and feel it gives in the game; it also serves as a useful indicator. One important thing you should use sound for is to know if another player is approaching. The closer they get to you, the louder their footsteps are.

Also, sprinting makes your footsteps even louder. If an opponent were anywhere near, they’ll simply load their weapon and wait for you to surface. If you must run, save that for large maps such as Crossroads or when you’re trying to escape from a losing fight.


There are many challenges you can face in Cold War Multiplayer. The enemies are numerous and will always fight as a team. So, no matter what, understand the environment to locate strategic points of attack. Also, ensure you don’t attract unnecessary attention by running or printing when you can walk. 

Above all, always remember that the multiplayer match is all about teamwork. So, always stay close to your team members and communicate whenever necessary.

Nakoa Davis