Best Board Games 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, it’s a great time to look back and reflect on all the amazing games that have come out this year. With the release of each new game, our endless search for the most fantastic game continues and today, within this article, I will discuss with you my favorites of 2018. 


If this year has taught me anything it’s the need to surround yourself with loving caring friends, and not to trust a single one of them. In One Night Ultimate Werewolf, villagers try to save the town from the werewolves amongst them. In this game each player is assigned a random hidden role which may allow them to do certain special things in the night, so as the werewolves try to mercilessly kill off the townies, the townies are causing a ruckus themselves. 

It’s a fun, quick game that is only made more enticing by the app that goes along with it. The app allows for streamlined easy play from start to finish and it’s easy to pick up even for the most novice of players. This game is perfect for any time or occasion. 


Following in theme with the previous game, The Resistance is all about lying, and being way too good at it. In this game, the players are trying to go and succeed on missions, while lying, conniving spies amongst them ruin their chances at success. The game is about weeding out those rotten apples and clearing 3 out of your 5 missions. Though it’s not as easy as that because there are serpents amongst thee and they have kind eyes and slivered-tongues. 


For all of our avid video gamers out there, there is even a game for you, and what’s more topical than a wasteland of a country where you’re just trying to survive till your next meal. In this game, you are playing in a world striking similar to its computer-programmed cousin and following along in gameplay. You will be exploring the world around you while surviving harsh conditions, growing rapport with certain factions, and even doing side-missions (you either love or hate them, there’s no in between). The best part is you get to do all of this in the company of your friends, and though a lengthy game, it’s well worth it in the end with the fun and laughs that will be had. 


Coup is like if you invited your worst enemy over for dinner and both of you are trying to kill each other at the same time. It’s a simplistic game at first glance but the real strategy of it comes into play outside of the game. It’s a game of playing your opponent more than your cards and know when someone is bluffing and how to bluff yourself. In Coup, you will be given two-character abilities and you may play them or lie and play another, and this is where the real game begins because to kill your opponent you have to know what they are pretending to be and call them out on it. It’s a game to be played again and again, but be careful, blood feuds will manifest in your friend groups.


As we wrap up this year in a tight neat bow, I would just like to express my gratitude to all the game makers, illustrators, and players out there in the world. Boardgames provide a release needed to get through the daily stresses of life and I for one am eternally grateful I get to be a part of this fantastic community.