OBJECTIVE OF CROSSWORD: Solve each clue on the puzzle by finding the word the clue is pointing to.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1+ player(s)

MATERIALS: Pen or pencil, crossword puzzle




Crossword puzzles are great brain exercises that can also be very enjoyable if you can get passed the initial learning curve. Crosswords date back to the early 20th century and have only grown in popularity. Crosswords are an excellent option for you if you are looking for a new hobby to grow your brain and help pass some time!


Crossword puzzles already come pre-set up and ready to start. You simply need to grab a pen or pencil, find a flat table, and maybe grab a cup of coffee. 


Crosswords are super easy to start but not so easy to finish…  A crossword puzzle consists of a grid, with each box in the grid designated to one letter. The clues are numbered from 1 across and 1 down, to signify which direction the word goes. When completing a crossword puzzle, the goal is to solve every clue and enter every letter and word on the grid.

You can solve the clues in any order. Some clues may be for longer words, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. Crossword puzzles push you to think about the clues differently, and the puzzles have a specific way of telling you what kind of answer they are looking for.

  • Quotes: The answer is a familiar expression, famous book, movie, or quote. A crossword clue in quotes is often accompanied by an underscore indicating a missing word.
  • Abbr: If this is in a crossword clue, the answer will also be abbreviated.
  • ?: If the clue has a question mark at the end, the answer will be a play on words or a pun.
  • Say: This is another way of saying “for example.” For example, if the clue says “Nikes, say,” the answer is likely shoes.


Once you have solved all the clues, you have finished the crossword puzzle. If you want to compete with a friend, you can time the puzzle and see who completes it the fastest. After finishing, check the answers either on the back of the crossword or online.

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