The Best Board Game Art Of 2017 Pt. 2

So many awesome artistic games came out in 2017 that we could not fit all that deserved a spot in one article. That is why I bring you part two of the best board game art of 2017, an epic sequel to the original article which you can find here if you missed out on it previously.

Last time we talked about Yamataï, The Lost Expedition, and Near and Far and their memorizing art, and today I wish to bring you even more top-tier illustrations of the past year.


If you are as big of a literature geek as I am, you’re going to love my first game. The game is based from Jules Verne’s classic tale of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and follows along Captain Nemo’s story and features his amazing ship The Nautilus. If you were not already psyched for this game just based on that, then wait until I tell you about its gorgeous art brought to us by the designer Chris Taylor and artist Ian O’Toole. This game is seriously breath-taking. Offering the deep hues and simplistic board style that, to me, invokes the same feelings gotten from reading the book for the first time. Truly the art is so beautiful, I think, Verne himself would be mezmorized. 

In gameplay, Nemo’s War doesn’t falter either. A thematic game that can be played solitary or with up to four people, it really brings to life the adventures of Captain Nemo. You play the game as though you were on the Nautilus exploring the world and going on adventures involving science, war, and exploration of the 1870s timeframe.  


If you don’t believe the board game community doesn’t have something for everyone just wait until you hear about my next pick. Lisboa is perfect for your history buff, architectural, and wig-loving friends. This game is set in the country of Portugal in 1755, after the capital city of Lisboa was struck by tragedy and not only suffered a massive earthquake, but then was hit with a tsunami and raging fires lasting for half a week. In this game, you must rebuild this great city and with art again by Ian O’Toole you know it will be a magnificent sight to behold. O’Toole used the influence of the times and an actual map of downtown during renovations of Lisboa to bring you the most beautiful and historically accurate game board of our time. The art is so detailed I can only imagine the hard work and time that was put into this massive project, and it really does show through in this masterpiece of a game.

Board Game Art From Lisboa

In the game, you can play alone or up to four people to expertise this game of strategy and city building. You and your friends are rich nobles, who in turn will use their influence and planning to rebuild the city as you see fit. You may wonder why you would busy yourself with such trifle things and the answer is and always will be wigs, of course! Because with wigs, comes power and more influence (that is according to 1750’s nobles).


And with this, I leave with you some of the most beautiful game board art to have graced our lives in 2017, and the hope and promise of more astounding things to come in the future.