Tracking the Differences Between Free Game Platforms

In the digital age, the availability of games is better than at any point in the past. While this is great from the perspective of choice, it can also mean having to spread yourself thin if you want to buy everything that appeals to you. Fortunately, in board games, video games, and casino titles, there are always free options to get what you want. This can differ widely by platform, however, and not every system is built equally.

Desktop and Laptop

In the board game space, free games can often be found on web-gaming sites, where many official and non-official interpretations can give you full experiences for free. Some of these even offer online multiplayer, so you can play with your friends. Social media websites like Facebook can bring a lot of opportunities here, with titles like Monopoly, Uno, and chess. Just be aware that going online for titles like Jenga might not hold the same appeal as with the physical game.

In casino gaming, free experiences are often delivered as demos on major websites like Vegas Slots Online. Here, you can find free slots to play for fun in thousands of popular titles like 5 Dragons, White Orchid, and Cleopatra. Featuring IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and dozens of other major developers, slot fans have a perfect way to get free fun on sites like this. Plus, bonus offers can even give those who chose to put money down more for less.

Video game enthusiasts can rest assured that they’re equally well catered to on platforms like Steam. This storefront includes a huge number of free-to-play titles, from every genre imaginable. Also worth checking out is the Epic Games Store, which routinely offers free AAA games in its lineups like Death Stranding and Dishonored 2. Finally, gamers on computers can also search for any older title abandoned by its publishers and developers. Abandonware websites like My Abandonware give you an easy way to find and download these games, and it’s all legal.

Mobile Systems

Thanks to how far mobile systems have come, they’re capable of many of the same feats as PC and laptops. This means the same web entries for board games will be just as available here, and free and ad-supported apps can also grant players simple ways to play alone or with friends.

These same advantages apply to the online casino space. Since online casino games have been redesigned for HTML 5, which mobiles have also been designed to support fully, players taking this approach won’t have to miss out. In fact, the simple controls on mobile make this approach the preferred way to play for many casino enthusiasts.

Video games on mobile can be a bit trickier. Since mobiles don’t usually support the code of PC and laptop titles, storefronts like Steam and Epic won’t be able to offer anywhere near the same depth of library. Thankfully, there are so many free game apps available from the Google and Apple storefronts that this shouldn’t be a problem.

Another possibility on mobile for video games comes from emulators for older consoles. These play by the same rules as abandonware, so if the game isn’t supported, or if you already own a copy, then you’re free to download ROMs and play. Just be aware that you might want to pair a controller to your mobile to overcome the control issues that this approach can create.


Consoles, unfortunately, are where free experiences become a little more difficult. In the board game space, both Xbox and Sony offer popular titles, but you’ll need a paid online membership to play. This same concept applies to video games, and it can be even harsher for online casino players.

The only way around a lack of truly free access on modern consoles is through the browser on the Xbox Series, which grants you the same HTML games as on computers and mobiles. PlayStation 5 and Switch don’t have an official browser, however, so players there are going to miss out.

With the right platform and even a modest internet connection, gamers today are spoiled for choice. Though consoles can be disappointing, they do at least expand offers considerably with a small monthly fee. So, whether you’re into board games, casino games, or video games, know that you probably have a huge library of free titles to choose from, no matter your level of technical knowledge.

Nakoa Davis