We all know the main points of Halloween: scary movies, crazy pranks, creative costumes, and pumpkin carving, of course! If you are in the mood to host a Halloween party this year, then you will want to get some Halloween themed party games to keep in your back pocket. If you want a party filled with fun and fright, these are the best horror games for the job.  

If you are looking for ways to keep everyone entertained at the spookiest party of the year, then you have come to the right place! Try any of these amazing Halloween games to turn your terrifying holiday into a positive experience for kids and adults! Some games will give you goosebumps, and others will give you a sore stomach from laughing. These games will add some excitement and spice up the typical Halloween party, instead of only carving pumpkins and talking about scary monsters.

13 Dead End Drive 

13 Dead End Drive is a terrifying bluffing board game, where one wrong move may lead you into a trap, ending your chances of inheriting all of Aunt Agatha’s money, which you definitely deserve! Players use dice to move their opponents’ characters or their own character through the house found at 13 Dead End Drive, attempting to find the money, avoid the detective, all while attempting to get rid of any measly competition.  

Each move may lead you onto a terrifying trap, or it may move an opponent out of your way, either way, it is a decision that everyone has to make. If a player lands on a trap, then their opponents may activate it if they have the correct combination of cards in their hand.  

Trap doors, boogie men, lies, and deceit, what more could you ask for on a creepy Halloween night? This game is perfect for any players that are ten or older, and the adults are sure to enjoy it as well.  


The world of Gloom is a sad and benighted place. The tea is cold, the food is bland, the sky is gray, and the land is gloomy. After facing all of the terrible things in the world, like debt and disease, you think the world cannot get any worse, and then it does.  

Like the old saying says, the more miserable your life, the more treasures someone will earn in their afterlife. Maybe, if this life is terrible, there is still hope that the afterlife can be rewarding. In Gloom, each player will take control over the fate of an awesome family.  

The goal of the game is simple, and sad. Simply get your characters to suffer the worst tragedies that are possible before they die. Remember though, the more they suffer during their life, the more rewards they will obtain in the afterlife. Morbid, right? That makes it the perfect game to play on a dark Halloween night.  

Curse of Strahd 

If you are a D and D friend group, then the Curse of Strahd is the perfect game for you. The theme is set out of the gothic horror world, meaning that there are many horror staple creatures, eternal gloom, and many visits to decrepit mansions, rather than the typical dungeons.  

As the players travel throughout the land, all of the players will attempt to rid the land of terrifying evil and defeat their ultimate enemy, Strahd. After fighting through the castle in an attempt to find Strahd, they will end their battle. Move your character the best you can, and defeat evil for the whole world.  

Betrayal At House on the Hill 

Betrayal at House on the Hill rapidly builds suspense and excitement as all of the players begin to explore a haunted mansion that they created! Throughout the mansion, players will encounter spirits, see horrible ghouls, and omens that whisper their imminent fate and they must attempt to outlast some of their worst fears. With a one hour playing time, on average, this makes it the perfect game for Halloween parties.  

Working tile by tile, players will create their custom haunted mansion. This allows each game to vary, depending on the players that are partaking. One player will betray all the rest, and the others must catch them before their life flashes before their eyes! If you enjoy fun, suspenseful, and horrifying games, then this one is for you!  

Red Dragon Inn 

This game is perfect for those players who love to role play, drink, gamble, and roughhouse. They will be partaking in every action during this daring and scandalous game. After defeating monsters, exploring the dungeon, and traveling up, all of you have decided to spend your first night back at the Red Dragon Inn. Where else would you go to celebrate your awesome victory?  

The Red Dragon Inn is the perfect place to visit when wanting to partake in a variety of activities, but you may also lose your gold quicker here than anywhere else. If you cannot pay your tab, then out to the stables you go. Also attempt to avoid getting beat up or overly intoxicated. Whoever is the most sober, wins the game! 

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong 

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a deduction and deception game in which players will take on the roles of investigators that are trying to solve a murder case. Sounds like your typical murder mystery game, right? Wrong! One of the investigators just happens to be your murderer, and everyone has the chance of being the guilty party.  

Deception is an awesome game to play on Halloween since it is filled with murder, underhanded lies, violence, and secluded hints. While the murderer attempts to avoid being found, the rest of the players will try and sniff them out. Who will make it out alive? 


Werewords is a horror game filled with extensive vocabulary, the ability to read your friends’ and family’s minds, and enough backstabbing to go around! Players are broken into groups including the mayor, the villagers, and the resident evil werewolves. The mayor is the only player who announces their role, while everyone else will stay hidden.  

Villagers will attempt to have their teammates guess the correct words, while the werewolves attempt to steer the villagers away from the key words. The werewolves may lie in order to keep them from guessing the word, but if they are too obvious of a liar, then they are caught! Werewolves love a nice Halloween party, so add them to a part of yours!  

Zombie Dice 

Zombie Dice is a game that is played exactly how it sounds. Players will act as zombies, rolling their dice to determine how many brains they can eat, but if they get selfish and try to take to much, then they will lose all that they have and enter the dead space! Each zombie wants more brains than any of the others. 

If they push their luck, then the shotgun may blast and bring their turn to an abrupt end. This game lasts 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of players that are involved, making it a quick and easy Halloween game for any type of party scene.  


What is your worst nightmare? Is it being abducted by an alien, isolation, or something simple, like jump scares? Once you dive into your Nightmare, there is no guarantee that everyone will escape. As players come face to face with their worst nightmares, they will attempt to overcome their fear and collect their character keys, granting them safe passage out of their nightmare. No two games are the same, making it an easy game to play over and over again. 

As soon as the game begins, the timer does too. Everyone will only have an hour to collect all of their keys, and if they don’t, then they will lose everything that they own or love to the Gatekeeper. Some players may have to confront little nightmares, while others may fight for their survival against their worst enemies. Could you ask for anything else to make up a perfect Halloween party game besides having every player face their worst fear? 

Drop Dead 

Despite the name, Drop Dead is a fun and easy game. With little, to no preparation, Drop Dead is the perfect boredom buster for any scenario, including Halloween parties that are starting to die off or parties that are just getting started.  

This dice game is quick, requires very little strategy, and no special skills. So, if you are bad at typical dice games, then this one may be the perfect one for you and your party guests! It is an easy way to spend a few minutes playing a stress-free, fun game! This is an easy game to play if the little ones want to fill involved.

Players will push their luck to the absolute limit by rolling as often as they can without landing on a five or a two. This is an easy icebreaker to get people into the gameplaying mood and build the level of competition. It is great for most ages, and it is perfect for all skill levels. 


If you are planning a diy Halloween get together with friends and family, then any of these games would be perfect to wipe the dust off of and get everyone playing. With creepy, sci fi, dark, and sometimes even disturbing themes, these games will fit the Halloween theme of the night.  

Paired with the perfect menu, such as candy corn and eye ball gummies, dimmed lights, and dreary music, these games will make any Halloween party the screamer of the year! Any of the games on this list will help entertain all of your guests, whether they are children or older adults. Everyone is guaranteed to enjoy theses spooky horror games.

Ellie Phillips