Halloween is upon us and, as some of you might have guessed about me, it is my favorite holiday! Halloween is a perfect time of year to sit around with friends and enjoy some spooky entertainment. Whether that is games, books, music, movies, etc. if its kooky, ookie, or oh so spooky, it’s for me.

It should also surprise no one that my favorite way to celebrate is to play some games. I love to host, bring a game for the group and make all the little themed party snacks, and treats galore. So, I thought I would share with you all my absolute favorite games to play during the Halloween season.


Nightmare is a game I was introduced to by my partner, and since then we have played it with friends every year for the spooky season. It is a game where you race against time and each other to collect keys so that you can escape the Gatekeeper but watch out! Your worst fear may prevent you from escaping at all.

The game is delightful using a VHS tape to run the game. It is also a great game to play at parties because you always know exactly how long it is going to take. After all, if you don’t beat the game within the hour you all lose!


I have never been one to collect things, but I have in the last couple of years found and started my collection of these games. How to Host a Murder is a series of games where your group has been gathered at a party and now one of you has murdered the host. You must work together without necessarily knowing who to trust to solve the crime before the night is up.

They are a blast, with not only a game but also has a full menu and costume suggestions for the guest. I highly recommend the monster-themed one for added spooky flare!


I mean we all knew this was going to be on the list. I love, love, love all things DND so whenever I get the chance to run or play in a Halloween or horror-themed adventure you know I am going to jump at the chance.

There is no shortage of scary monsters, horror themes, or premade adventures to use for this Halloween season. Grab some good friends and set aside a few hours or months to play through something spectacularly unsettling. I highly recommend Curse of Strahd for anyone looking for a spooky premade adventure.


Well there you have it, my favorite games to play through the season. While this is not by any means a completed list, I do hope this makes you think of other fantastically frightening games to play all through the year. If you want even more spooky games to play, check out our SPOOKY tag for all of our scary game rules!

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