Best Games to Play on Cousin’s Reunion Night

Any cousin’s reunion night may become a game or a fun drinking game with a deck of cards. However, try something else after ten rounds of Spoons or Double Solitaire. With these new games’ captivating stories and stunning imagery, you can travel to other realms in your head. To start with, a wide range of games are available online to spend your leisure time. If you want to spice up your game, try playing a few betting games for real money, such as Pokies Online Real Money Australia . This website has listed the best websites to play online pokies in Australia. These platforms have the best security features, and you can get the best welcome bonuses while signing up for the first time!

Players create resources on planets and govern space in Race for the Galaxy. Players invite woodland critters to their villages, develop new structures, and compete for numerous combinations in Everdell. Time Stories lets players solve mysteries in Lovecraftian asylums, zombie-infested towns, ancient Egyptian cities, and many more games.

For a relaxing night with cousins, want more provocative humorous games? The Voting Game, in which participants must choose one person in the room who answers a question, or Cards Against Humanity are also viable options. Exploding Kittens, a quirky game with crazy rules and objectives, is lighthearted, delightfully rude, and excruciatingly adorable.

Card game makers create new methods to play card games every year, so here is a thoroughly tested wide variety of games for this list. Card games are still fun, illustrating that you don’t need a gaming system or PC to have fun with your family. Today’s card games include more creative themes, exciting options, and interactive features. These are 2022’s best card games, whether you’re searching for a new take on an old favorite or something new.


A classic card game for a fun-filled night
If you’ve played Rook or other trick-taking partner card games, Tichu will be straightforward. Four unique cards—the mahjong, dog, phoenix, and dragon—join the standard 2–Ace deck. In addition to these cards, Tichu’s mix of card-playing (players can play complete houses, straights, and other combinations) and strategy makes it unique (before rounds, players have to trade cards with partners and opponents as a mandatory step).

Tichu’s simple mechanics and clever trick-taking rule changes make it one of the best classic card games.

Twilight Struggle

Strategy game for two players
Twilight Struggle combines Risk’s simple rules with a “large” game’s strategic intricacy. One team plays the US, and the other plays the USSR as they fight for presence, dominance, or outright control in battleground locations worldwide. Both teams compete with each other to put a man on the moon, degrade DEFCON through military operations, avert nuclear war (an instant loss), and spread their global influence in a tug-of-war for global control.

Twilight Struggle is time-consuming and may leave your brain mushy after the first play. No matter the outcome, a few games on this list are more enjoyable.

Exploding Kittens

Family’s best card game
Families with kids of all ages love Exploding Kittens. You can play exploding kittens with your cousins while chilling around a bonfire. The game is simple: draw your cards, aim, and avoid the occasional exploding kitten. Throughout the game, players pick action cards and plan how to betray their friends and family.

Playing this fast-paced card game is the most excellent way to learn about it, but watch out for those exploding kittens in every deck!


Best deck-building game
Players draft or “purchase” cards into their draw decks in deck-building games. Over time, their hands change to accommodate new techniques: Dominion—the granddaddy of these games.

Over a dozen expansions have kept Dominion new for years. Each turn, you can buy a card and play an action. Victory point cards dilute your deck because they provide game-winning points.

The game is a gratifying exercise in steadily constructing your deck into an efficient tool, so that you can grab victory point cards simultaneously at the end. In fact, even one turn-off can cost you the game.

7 Wonders

Light tactical card game for two players
Try 7 Wonders: Card-drafting game duel. Players choose cards to develop civilizations throughout three periods, pursuing military or scientific domination, growing resources, and building Wonders.

The competitive game advances faster than Everdell, and the card-drafting method offers unexpected ways to block or trap your opponent. This is a fantastic long-term game.

Race for the Galaxy

It is a card game with the best tableau
In games like Race for the Galaxy, participants carefully build their “tableau” of face-up cards in front of them, utilizing their actions and resources to gain the highest power.

Race for the Galaxy is Sci-Fi. Players buy planets and other improvements to add to their tableau, which helps them accumulate resources and conduct more valuable acts.

Tableau building puts all the cards on the table, making it easier for new players to understand than deck building. The game is more participatory since you can see what you and your opponents are building at any time.

Race for the Galaxy is a fun game that anyone can learn in less time, but most won’t master for dozens of playthroughs.

Forest Fox

The best fast two-player game
Due to the pandemic, you may want more two-player games for smaller family/friend gatherings. You’ll love The Fox in the Forest: Like Rook (or Tichu, above), it’s a trick-taking game with a few unique cards.

The Fox in Forest’s card powers and score system is intriguing. Instead of aiming to win the game using your best tricks, you’re trying to take a set amount of tricks for a given point value. If you narrowly miss those milestones, you often miss out on a huge prize.

The Fox in the Forest is a traditional, fundamental game. However, it’s a well-balanced game that is great for 20–30 minutes.

Time Stories

This is an excellent narrative game. It launches you through dimensions and spacetime, takes you through gorgeous landscapes, and puts you face-to-face with Lovecraftian monsters in the first campaign with a deck of cards.

Players solve puzzles in ancient Egypt and zombie-infested suburbs in Time Stories. Your decisions modify the story, and your ability to solve the mystery hinges on teamwork, problem-solving, and adapting to the game’s new features.

Time Stories could be better: Fans debate which stories are the finest and which should have been balanced on online chat boards. Even slight unbalances arise from the game’s huge ambition, and it’s impossible not to be swept up by that ambition every time you play this fun card game.


This game is rated as the top mixed game.
Card games are fun, but visual learners may find them challenging because most of the action occurs between the cards. Everdell, one of the best mixed-mechanic games, combines cards and a central board.

Everdell uses tableau-building and meeple placement on a central board. As you build structures using wood, stone, and resin and recruit woodland inhabitants with berries, it’s a strategic but charming game.

Cousins’ reunions are incredibly precious. Those are the moments when the best memories are made. With the love and chatter, embellish the “meet-up” with these card games, and you’re all set for a fun reunion.

Nakoa Davis