How To Be Better At Hidden Role Games


Hidden role games are very popular in my friend circle for game night, but I find not everyone enjoys playing them. When I ask my friends why they don’t seem to have as much fun with hidden role games, the answer is often the same. “I’m just not good at them.”

Countless people have given me the same answer and every time I find that what they tell me isn’t completely true. They are not bad at the game, they’re bad at lying. Well, today, I am going to give you all a great tip on how to, essentially, is a better liar.


The first thing about lying or bluffing as we will call it from now on is that no one can do it all the time. Like in poker you are going to have a “tell” and the more you bluff the more opportunity your opponents have to figure it out. So, my first tip to you is to only bluff when necessary.

You may be wondering, how will I know when it’s necessary, is it every time I’m spoken to when I’m asked a question, how do I determine when to bluff. The answer is simple in theory, but hard to master; only lie when you can’t tell the truth. You may be rolling your eyes, but I promise it’s a lot harder to determine than you might think.


In hidden role games, you almost have to become a politician, confuse your opponents into thinking you are on their side, and doing this can be tricky at times, but the less you bluff the better chance you have. If you find yourself in a position where someone has asked you a direct question, weasel your way out of it. Changing the topic, casting blame on others, or pretending you didn’t hear them are all great ways to fend off suspicion.

There will come a time, though, when you get faced with the wall, as I like to call it, and this is when an opponent has managed to back you into a corner and get the attention of the group. This is when you must bluff, no amount of sidestepping or blame casting will get you out of this. Really the whole game will boil down to this moment for you.

Believe In Yourself – Literally!

To bluff, believe what you say. I know it sounds crazy, but whatever you must tell yourself to make you believe you’re innocent, do it. Look people directly in the eye and try and name circumstances in the game where you’ve acted innocent; all this though, is reliant on you keeping your cool and acting like, even if they do suspect you it doesn’t matter.

There are tons of mistakes I see people make all the time, and they are dead giveaways. Don’t get too defensive, no innocent player will get mad for being suspected, so you shouldn’t either, and don’t act to evasive either. I see lots of people say, “Fine go ahead and vote for me, we’ll all lose,” this makes people want to vote for you more.

In hidden role games, staying away from bluffing is always best, but if forced into it don’t lose your cool. How you respond to people, is the most telling thing in the games, so keep calm and enjoy yourself. so keep calm and enjoy yourself.

Nakoa Davis

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