Quarantined: 2-PLAYER GAMES

Games Couples Can Play While Quarantined Together

With the state of the world right now a lot of people have been practicing social distancing, but that also means spending a lot of time quarantined at home. Thankfully this doesn’t have to be bad. It’s a great time to work on personal projects, reconnect with lost passions, and, yes, play games. I have made of list of three of my favorite games to play with 2 players. So as long as you have a buddy and plenty of time on your hands, why not try these out.


7-Wonders: Duel is a game-specific to 2 players. It’s a smaller more compact version of the game 7-Wonders. The game holds many of the same mechanics while also adding its unique twist to the drafting system. You and your pal will make competing civilizations trying to outgrow the other.  

This game typically takes about half an hour but it’s a great game to replay as well. It hosts all the same loveable mechanics as the main version with just enough reduction to make it an easy to play and learn game for new and experienced players alike. 


Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking card game. This game is also specifically made for 2 players who play completely to win tricks but win too many and you’ll lose. It’s a fun beautiful game that can be replayed several times in a row. The game mechanics are easy to learn, and each card has directions for what special thing the card can do right on it. It’s a great game to just pass a few minutes or play longer sessions to create your strategies for the game.

An A+ game for beautiful design, fun gameplay and a terrific way to pass the time with someone special.


Alright hear me out, it’s not what it seems. I’m not just making a joke this game is a fantastic play for two peoples. An oldie but a goodie as my friends have said and with good reason. This game is a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. And in the recent events of the world, it has found new traction in the gaming world as well. Different than the other games described it can be played with more than two players and is cooperative. Game mechanics are fun, smooth and well worked through the years. If you are new to board games, I might recommend watching a video for reference because this one can be a bit daunting but it’s a great game to learn and play.


Of course, there are so many more games I could put on this list but these three have been on my mind for the last week or so. They’re great fun, beautifully designed games that have great game mechanics to boot. If you are looking to pass some time, I highly recommend all of the above, just be careful out there braving the world to find them.