That’s right, the below three card games guaranteed to get you drunk are not for the faint-hearted. There are a lot of classic drinking games that we’ve all dabbled in from time to time. The most popular ones are usually shot-related games that circle around the internet – like “take a drink every time someone says Isengard”, and honestly, if you’ve ever played through all 3 extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies and lived to tell the tale following the full set of rules, then you’re lucky your liver is still intact.

But for more active games that don’t involve you sitting through a marathon of movies and giggling at everything that happened on screen by the time you’re an hour in, then this is definitely the post for you. Below, we’ve listed three hilarious card games that are easy to play and great for getting you and your friends responsibly hammered while you’re indoors.


Now, Screw Your Neighbour has an interesting name, that we cannot deny, but it’s so easy to play that you can introduce all of your friends to it the same night you’re planning on having a house party.

The aim of this card game is this: Don’t have the lowest card. At the start of each round of the game, the dealer will give each player a card. The player that’s on the left of the dealer looks at their card first, and then chooses whether they want to pass their card, keep it, or swap it with the next person in the circle. When the game circles back around to the dealer, everyone reveals their cards. Lowest card loses – with the ace being a 1 in this situation, not an 11.


A more common drinking game that involves cards, but no less fun. Ring of fire, which is also known as “Kings”, is a game of pure luck. It has a lot of rules, but they’re pretty simple to understand and the game itself is easy to play.

All cards in a card deck are put in a rough circle around a full glass of alcohol – this is usually around a pint and can be anything from a standard beer to a pint that is just little bits of everyone’s alcohol that they’re drinking that night. Each player takes turns to draw a card and perform the actions connected to that card. When the last card is picked up, that person has to drink the pint.


You’ll need an empty pitcher, some alcohol, and a deck of cards. Put a small amount of your drink of choice into the empty pitcher, and then pick either “red” or “black”, draw a card from the deck, and if you’re right, the alcohol stays in the pitcher, and the next person guesses their choice (remember that everyone pours some of their alcohol into the pitcher at the start of their turn).

When someone guesses wrong, they drink the pitcher. Then they have to go again, and they can’t stop until they’re right.

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